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I am a creator of music (producer) and a music player (disc jockey). Jordz is my journey - my project. This project is a reflection of the ways music, art, light, and darkness can blend together to create something special. The power of music moves me, and I want to move others with it.

I emerged in the music industry in 2016, experimenting with the creation of sounds using Garageband, writing song lyrics, and coming up with vocal melodies. My first song landed me Monash University’s ‘Emerging Producer Prize of 2017’, in turn switching to FL Studio and starting to DJ. In 2018, I started my journey officially as Jordz. In 2019, my gigs started to pick up dramatically, and my debut single, ‘Bushfire’, was released on all platforms. I currently produce on FL Studio and Ableton.

Within the soundscape, Jordz reaches for the creation of spatial environment, beyond the physical, that allows her audience to experience new interpretations, associations, and emotions towards the sounds and songs as a whole. 

Here is a video of my performance at the Red Stair Amphitheatre:

DJ set Jordz live
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