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Welcome to my release page. Here you will find my official songs, released on all platforms.


A sequel to Jordz’ debut single, ‘Bushfire’, released in late 2019, ‘Cloud’ is a chill infused electronic dance song which follows the journey of an anthropomorphised cloud that refuses to rain down on the world - it refuses to take part in the expectations society has given it. Written, produced, and performed solely by Jordz, ‘Cloud’ blends smooth synthesised sounds together with crushed percussion and a transient bassline to give it the right amount of punch.

'Cloud' is available on all platforms, including Spotify:

Rabbit Hole

'Rabbit Hole', a collaboration with SPE3D, follows the journey of Jordz who wonders through the forest with a mysterious rabbit, falling into a dimension that she is unable to get out of. Much like the current situation, her inability to escape makes her face the frustrations she dislikes, as she is trapped in a strange dimension of time.

'Rabbit Hole' is available on all platforms, including Spotify:


‘Bushfire’ is an electronic infused chill pop song which follows the journey of someone who is surrounded by fire and their escape to survival. It was written in 2018 and scheduled for release in late 2019. During the time of the release, the Australian bushfires became a national emergency. All funds raised from the song were donated to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) and the Victorian Country Fire Service (CFA).

'Bushfire' is available on all platforms, including Spotify:

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