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Artist Spotlight: Jordz

Ryan McDougall - Night Time Society


"Bringing unique coastal vibes to her music, DJ, Producer and Singer, Jordz, is making waves in the local music scene [starting] to create her own unique brand of music, releasing her original works quite proficiently, whilst also collaborating with other established Melbourne artists." You can read the full article here:

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Australia's Jordz Releases Debut Chill Single Aptly Titled Bushfire

Simon Irvine - Music Talks


Jordz’ debut single, ‘Bushfire’, released in 2019, was featured and reviewed by Simon Irvine on Music Talks. The article is available to read below:

Muso Life Streams

Romanie Assez - Muso App


Muso App has created Life Streams, a platform which focuses on the music industry and how it has been affected by

COVID-19. Jordz’ article can be read below:

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